Estate Giving

Invest in the coaches and athletes of tomorrow long after you’ve left this world.  Consider including FCA as a beneficiary in your will through a charitable bequest.  Bequests could be made for a specific dollar amount, a specific asset or a share of your remaining estate.

Language in a bequest should include: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (EIN: 44-0610626), 8701 Leeds Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64129 for the benefit of [insert area name] FCA for [insert designation if applicable ie: general operations, camp scholarships]. 

Let us know of your intent to give to FCA through your estate by completing the online Legacy Worksheet below.

In addition to giving cash, there are several other opportunities through which you can give through your estate.  We want to help you understand these methods of giving.  Our stewardship ministry reflects the biblical model of giving generously and strives to maximize the best IRS-approved, tax-wise strategies.  We hope you will take some time to consider the following giving options and discuss them with your financial advisor. If you need financial advisory help, we can provide referrals.

Fixed Amount of Percent of Estate

Creative way to give

Give to FCA through your estate by determining a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the residual estate.

Life Insurance

Leverage your policy to benefit FCA

A donor can purchase a life insurance policy, assign an existing policy or make FCA beneficiary of their policy.  These options are available for whole, universal and variable life insurance plans.

Donor Advised Funds

Distribute your wealth to multiple charities with simplified record keeping

A donor advised fund is an alternative form of charitable giving in which an individual or organization creates a fund and deposits cash or securities.  Upon deposit, the donor loses ownership of what is in the fund, but has control over how funds from it are distributed to charities.  As the fund advisor, you receive a tax deduction in the year the cash or securities are deposited into the fund.  You then have flexibility in the timeframe in which you release funding to the charities or churches of your choice.  Funds could be released that same tax year or in future years.

Another benefit of donor advised funds is that you receive one tax receipt for giving rather than multiple receipts from many different charities.  Donor advised funds can be set up through community foundations.  Many FCA donors have chosen to set up donor advised funds through the National Christian Foundation or The Signatry. or