What stories will others tell about you?  What will they remember and share about you and your heart?  For better or worse, those stories will define you and the mark that you leave. Are you leaving a quick impression or a lasting imprint?  We don’t live forever, but the marks and ripple effects of our everyday choices will.  Will those be faithful and fruitful? You get to decide.

At FCA, we desire to impact the next generation for Jesus Christ.  We ask you to consider your legacy of impact as you invest in FCA.  It is the mark we leave on others that is our legacy.  Your estate gift can be a catalyst for leaving a lasting mark that will transform the next generation of coaches and athletes for Christ.  Thank you for prayerfully considering putting FCA in your estate.

Estate Giving

Invest in the coaches and athletes of tomorrow long after you’ve left this world.  Consider including FCA as a beneficiary in your will through a charitable bequest.  Bequests could be made for a specific dollar amount, a specific asset or a share of your remaining estate.

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FCA Legacy Fund

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes National Legacy Fund is set up to impact FCA ministry throughout the world in this generation and the generations to come.

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