God is moving in FCA with record participation and commitments to Christ as we engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes.  We believe we are on the threshold of leaping to a higher level of impact by encouraging and empowering biblical character in sports today and using the influence of coaches and athletes to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ.

Generosity is not an action, it’s a lifestyle, illustrated by how you shape and share your time, your heart and your treasures.  Every day we have a chance to invest in something greater than ourselves, something that will impact the kingdom of God.  We invite you to consider making a major investment in FCA today. Your investment will help transform the current generation of coaches and athletes for Christ.

Annual Giving

Become a Tom Landry Associate

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Tom Landry, lived and left a legacy of impact, one that will carry forward for generations to come with his influence not only in the coaching and football world, but for the Kingdom through the way he lived his life and as a very special friend, leader and benefactor to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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Real Estate

Give the gift of real estate or property

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A gift of real estate can be given during the course of your lifetime or left to FCA as part of your estate plan.  The real estate may be sold with the proceeds benefiting FCA or, in some cases, the property itself may be used by the ministry for charitable purposes.  National Christian Foundation or The Signatry can assist with the charitable sale of real estate.  nationalchristianfoundation.org or thesignatry.com

Business Interests

Selling a business

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When selling a business, the owner can structure the sale in such a way as to decrease tax liability and increase charitable giving to FCA.

Donor Advised Funds

Distribute your wealth to multiple charities with simplified record keeping

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A donor advised fund is an alternative form of charitable giving in which an individual or organization creates a fund and deposits cash or securities.  Upon deposit, the donor loses ownership of what is in the fund, but has control over how funds from it are distributed to charities.  As the fund advisor, you receive a tax deduction in the year the cash or securities are deposited into the fund.  You then have flexibility in the timeframe in which you release funding to the charities or churches of your choice.  Funds could be released that same tax year or in future years.

Another benefit of donor advised funds is that you receive one tax receipt for giving rather than multiple receipts from many different charities.  Donor advised funds can be set up through community foundations.  Many FCA donors have chosen to set up donor advised funds through the National Christian Foundation or The Signatry.  nationalchristianfoundation.org or thesignatry.com

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Pay less tax, give more and improve personal cash flow

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A gift of stock can be given as a charitable gift to FCA.  FCA does not hold stock or try to speculate the market.  Gifts are sold right away to benefit the ministry.  This type of giving can provide the opportunity to pay less tax, give more and improve your personal cash flow.